MSQC Week Update – July 6th, 2010


Hi, it’s Jenny from, the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and Sarah!


We just got back from Sweden, and we had a great time!

We did it was really fun!

So much going on! Not a lot of quilt shops that we found.

No but lot’s of other shopping, that was fun!

Well the shopping was great but if any of you Swedish girls know of any quilt shops you should let us know!

Yes let us know!

We wanted to write that whole thing off!

Well, and maybe we can get the web address or something and feature them and talk to them online.

Oh, yeah that’d be great because we are going back! We have great family there!

We did find a little upholstery shop that was really cool. I got some pictures, I’ll show you that on the blog.

And our cousin has an embroidery shop, so, that’s kinda cool.

Yeah, we were there for midsummer! So that was way fun!

That was way fun!

Crazy! We did keep our clothes on though.

We had no clothes off.

No naked dancing.

No, no none of that.

We have lot’s of new stuff in the shop. We can’t wait to tell you about. We got fun new fabric for Halloween.

Yeah, we have great Halloween coming, we have awesome Christmas coming. Awesome Christmas coming. We’ve got all those fun lines with the fun new colors from

Figgy Pudding and what are the other ones?

No. (laughter)

Riley Blake and just a bunch of new stuff you’ll get to see. We have some new stuff

happening on the website. According to our Young, Single, Good Looking computer guy.

Yeah, we’re doing inventory like crazy!

Like crazy, crazy. (laughter)

But no, it’s good we’re getting everything counted so that inventory will be accurate.

You guys are going to love it! We have so much new stuff coming online!

Keep watching!

Hopefully, no overselling anymore.


Cause we’re getting a new inventory program. So, that’ll be fun.

Yeah, we are working like crazy, so that’s why we’ve got these right here.

Yeah, we’ve got the dark circles. Well and from the jet lag.

Anyways, you guys have a great week we’re excited! We have tons of newstuff coming up, and new tutorials a few new tutorials. So watch for those!

We can’t keep her from doing tutorials!

Can’t keep me from talking!

(laughter) Blah, blah, blah! Bye guys!

See ya later! This is from the Missouri Star Quilt Company! Bye, bye!

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  • Katejackson1956

    You girls really cheer me up!

    • Natalie

      Aww! Thanks! We do our best! haha