The Double Friendship Star Quilt Tutorial

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Jenny Doan shows us how to make The Double Friendship Star Quilt using yardage or jelly rolls (2 1/2 inch strips of precut fabric).

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Hi, I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Today I want to talk to you a little bit about this great little quilt behind me.  Isn’t that adorable?  This is a Double Friendship Star.  We have one friendship star of blue and one friendship star of green, and it just comes together so cool, but the key to this quilt is having contrast.  You’ve got to have a background that pops your stars, and you’ve got to have contrast between the two strips so that your star pops off the page.  

So what I had right here was… I made this, this block out of a regular jelly roll, but I didn’t have a lot of contrast, so you actually lose some of the star.  So, I decided I would try it in solids.  So, I got this one going, and I did a little bit of this one.  A lot of times when I start a tutorial, I just want to see how it’s going to turn out for you guys and what I need to worry about telling you that matters most.  And for this block, it’s the color.  You’ve got to make sure you have good contrast on your colors.

So to make this little quilt behind me, I used a yard of green, and a yard of blue, and a half a yard of the white.  And that gives you enough to make your stars and your little corner pieces. And, and if you want to do it out of a jelly roll, you know a jelly roll makes about a twin size quilt.  So just make sure that you have good lights and darks in that jelly roll, and you’ll have a lot of fun with this pattern.  It’s quick and easy.

So, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to first take our two 2 ½ inch strips.  If you have yardage, you’ll want to cut those 2 ½ inch strips of your colors, or there’s lots of jelly rolls that come in solids as well.  And I’m going to put them right sides together and I’m going to sew a quarter of an inch all the way down the side.  

So, I’ve done it with these two right here, and I’ve even cut some of the blocks off, because, obviously, it’s not very long.  But the key to this when you sew right sides together, right here, what you want to make sure when you iron it back is that you have a good quarter of an inch.  Then, you iron it back and you keep your dark… your seam to the dark side.  So, we ironed that back like that.  Then, you want to measure how tall this is, because what we’re looking for here is blocks.  So, it’s not how perfect your seam is, it’s how, how tall your strip set ends up so we can cut it.  Our strip set ended up at 4 ½ and so, when we get ready to cut these, we know that we’re going to cut them in 4 ½ as well.

So let’s cut some blocks at 4 ½. I am really not sure how many I got out of this (my strip sets) because what I’m doing is, I’m just cutting as many as I can get out of one.  Now, I know I can get eight block sets out of one one strip, cut the width of the fabric, I can get eight of these blocks.

So what I’m going to do is, I’m just going to go ahead and cut some of these for you, show you how I do this.  I’ve got 4 ½ wall, tall. I’m sorry, 4 ½ wide and 4 ½ tall.  That was tall and wide mixed together.  Alright, now out of your pop fabric, the, your background fabric, you’re going to need 2 ½ inch squares.  So I’ve got some of these 2 ½ inch squares cut right here.  You can get sixteen of those out of one, one strip.  So you need only half as many strips, you, you only need half as many whites as you do colors.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these little 2 ½ inch blocks that we’ve cut and we’re going to iron them diagonally so we get a sew line, like this.  And then what we’re going to do, and I like to do this, because I’m an assembly line sewer, is I like to put…I stack my blocks up like this so that all of the darks are in the same place.  Because I’m going to put a corner on these darks, right here, and I want to make sure that all my darks have a corner.  So I am going to sew four of these on like this, and we’re just going to chain piece them.  I’m going to take my four squares over to the sewing machine, and we’re going to sew right on this press line, right here, and trim this edge off. So let’s go do some of that.  

Alright so now I’m placing my, my 2 ½ inch square right here on the top corner of my block across the blue, and I’m just going to sew straight down that press line.  And then, I’m just going to feed another one in there because I just want to chain piece these.  And it helps me if I do all the blues at once, because it helps me know that I’ve got them on the right side, or the same side is what I mean– not the right.  I’m actually, yes, I am sewing on the right, haha.  Alright, let’s do one more here.  Alright, so there’s our last one of this bunch.

Now what we’re going to do is, we’re going to go ahead and cut these apart, because we now have to add a corner to the opposite side.  So here’s our block, we have a corner on one side, and we are going to add a corner to the opposite side, like this.  And then we’re going to sew right across there.  So, we’ll need to press four of these to make sure that we have our nice little sew lines and then we’ll do the other side as well.

Alright, now we just have a couple left here.  I’ll do this one.  I’m lining it up with the corners and sewing straight on my press line, corner to corner.  And there we go, alright. There’s my last one done.  Now what I’m going to do is, I’m going to come over here and I’m going to clip these apart.  And I’m just going to use my scissor for that, you can rotary cut them if you want.  And now we’re going to trim these off and we’re just going to look at the… eyeball it about a quarter of an inch and trim those off.  And they’ll all need to be ironed.  And I’ve got one more to go after this and one more, here it is.  

Alright, so you are actually going to cut up and do this to all of your blocks.  And then we’re going to come over here and we’re going to press these open.  And I like to just roll them back.  And I just keep piling them on.  

So once you get your little squares done, what we’re going to do is we’re going to put them together in blocks.  We’re going to put, match up our, our blues and our whites, our colors, like this, and we’re going to make a four patch that forms a friendship star.  So let’s sew one of these together.  And, if your blocks are the same size, it really goes together smoothly.

So now I have these two sides together and, I just need to iron them, and I’m going to go ahead and press these flat, like this, and then we’re just going to put it together and we’re going to match up our center seam, match up our whites, and match up our, our dark colors as well.  Lay them right sides together, make sure your seams go opposite directions, and then just sew straight across that, that seam.  Here we go.  So we’re just going to sew these together and make sure that our seams match up.  Alright, we’re matching up as we go along, and that’s going to give us a really pretty block.

Alright, now let’s press this open, see what we got.  Well that looks pretty good.  If you ever find that you have too much bulk in your center seam, when these four, four fabrics come together, you can always iron that open.  It used to be that we did never iron open, because our batting would beard through the seams, but batting is good now, so we don’t have to worry about that.  

So once you get your blocks together, then it’s time to put them together in rows and you’re just going to start sewing the blocks together, and that’s when the magic happens.  All of the sudden you get this beautiful red stars, right where you sew them together and it just comes out so beautiful.  And it’s quick and it’s fun.

On this quilt back here, I have five stars across the top by six stars down the side.  It ends up making a quilt that is about, oh 38×48, somewhere around there.  A good baby quilt size, but you can make it whatever size you want, just by changing your precut.  So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Double Friendship Star from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

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