Scrap Buster – How to Make a Snowman Wall Hanging


Hi, I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Today I’m going to show you how to make this darling half hexi snowman. The half-hexi snowman is made very similar to the half-hexi Christmas tree, but of course we’re using different fabrics. It’s a great project for scraps because it doesn’t take very many at all. So what you’re going to need to make this project is, you’re going to need the half-hexi ruler. That is key. You’re going to need some white for your snowman. And you’re going to cut out eight of the half-hexis in white and eight of the half-hexis in blues, or whatever color you want your snowman to be. And that’s what makes it kind of fun because it really is a quick scrappy project. You’re also going to need a little bit of orange for a nose. And a little bit of black for some eyes. And, or buttons, buttons would work too. So this is one of those projects that you can really express yourself and have a little fun.


So to make this snowman, what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut out our white. And I have my half-hexi ruler here and I have a strip of white fabric that is five inches wide. And I’m just going to go ahead and rotary cut out those pieces. These pieces make our snowman so again we’re going to need eight of those. There we go. I’ve got to make sure I get all my little pieces cut here. And there’s our little half-hexi snowman. That’s going to make our body. Now for the side pieces, you’re going to do the same thing. You’re going to cut out a half-hexi of your contrast color. And mine is blue. And then you’re going to take that piece and you’re going to cut it right in half. Now you can see on the hexi-ruler here, it’s got a half line, but because they are also, it’s made for the 10-inches wide, you know it’s also going to be cut in half right at the five, the five-inch mark as well. Now what this does, is this makes the side pieces for the, for the body of the snowman. So here’s your white piece, right here. And we’re going to turn these like this, just flip them over and make the side pieces. So you can see how that’s going to go together.


So let’s go ahead and take this over to the sewing machine. And you can see, what I’m doing here, we’re going to sew these together but, what I’m doing here is I’m just flipping these over like this. And on these you’re going to see, you’re going to see a little peek out of, of, the under fabric here and a little peek over of the top fabric here. They don’t line up exactly. There’s a little quarter of an inch that peeks. So we’re going to sew on either side of that.


So here we are at the sewing machine, and we are just going to sew down either side of this like this. And trim this off. And then we’re just going to zip around and sew the other side. Make sure it’s lined up. And then we’re going to iron it. Come over to the ironing board and iron it nice and flat. And I like to iron toward the dark. You guys know that. Go toward the dark side. Then I’m going to flip it over and I’m going to make sure that, you know sometimes you get a little fold or something and I’m going to make sure those are laying nice and flat. Now you need four of these for the body of the snowman. And we’re putting them together like this in opposite directions.


So I have one here that’s already done, and we’re going to put these together like this so it makes the top part of the snowman. And I’m just going to flip this over like this. And the one part you want to make sure lines up and nests well is this little, where the whites and blues come together right here. You want to make sure that’s nested well because both of your seams are going in the same direction you just kind of want to line that up. And put a little pin in there if you want to. So here we go. And we’ll just quarter of an inch this down here and sew this row together. Alright, now we’re going to iron this open. We should probably set that seam. Set that seam, roll it back. And then we’re going to iron both of these sets together and this will make this one side of our snowman guy. So I think I’m going to turn this so I have kind of light, dark, light, dark right there. And we’ll line that up again and sew that part together. It’s just a matter of making these long, rows with the white snowman body and then the, the colored sides. It goes together so quick and easy. If you’re like me, when it comes to Christmas gift time, sometimes you need something real quick, real quick at the end there. And this is one of those. Because this would be a real easy, fun one to, to do on your, to quilt on your own machine.


Alright, so now we have the body of our snowman made. And this is his, this is going to be his face now, this one, one part of this where the, where the sides of the, what is this called? Half-hexi! Where the sides of this half-hexi come together. Gosh, I just had like one of those senior moments! So we need to make the eyes and the nose. Now we have, for those of you who like things just perfect, we have an awesome download that’s available in the description. But for free spirits like me, we just like to cut them out. I also think buttons would be really cute for the face. Or, you know, whatever you want to use. So I like to iron mine on because it’s quick, so I have some little scraps of black fabric here. And I’m just going to iron a few of those on to this heat and bond. And if I just actually lay out a row like this, I’m just going to iron the whole row on. You’re going to need two eyes of course. The poor snowman needs two eyes. And I think there is, what is it, six, four little circles for the mouth. So you’re going to need a total of six little squares or a scrap or whatever you want to use. And you can just cut them out of that. I have a little charm square, an errant charm square that didn’t make it into anything that’s orange, and I’m going to iron that on. And that will give me both of my noses. So remember, like on this guy, you’re going to need this many for each side, so you’re going to want to make sure that you have lots of little scraps and that sort of thing.


So what I’m going to do now, is I’m just going to cut these out real roughly. And since I want my mouth squares to be the same size, I mean my mouth circles and my eye circles, I’m going to cut them together. So I’m just going to fold them in half like this. And then I’m going to cut them. Now the other thing you can do is, like you can use pill bottle tops or soda bottle tops or anything like that for a pattern. Any size you want to make it. Or you can just eyeball it like this. Now if you eyeball them and they’re a little crooked, you can say it’s coal. So there’s two eyes. And that’s pretty good eyeballing if I do say so myself! And then we’re going to have four of these for a smile. And I can probably actually, if I’m careful I can probably get enough of these for both snowmen out of these four squares. Alright, there we go. And here’s our, here’s our little smile here. Our nose is going to be shaped like a carrot. I wonder how that tradition ever got started of the carrot nose. I guess it was convenient, what we had in our fridge. It’s a good thing he didn’t have a tomato nose or something like that, that would have been terrible. So I guess the carrot works. So I’m just cutting a little carrot shape here. Just like that. It’s going to go right on there. Now I’m just going to peel those off and iron them on and that will be his face. But I will probably wait to do that until I get the whole runner assembled.


So next you have to put his little hat on. And I’m just going to scoot these over here you know so I don’t flip them and lose them on the floor. For the hat, the band of the hat and the hat are the same fabric on this one. So it looks like a whole hat. So the middle of the hat is actually a five inch square. And the band is a 1 ½ inch strip. So I’m going to take this little scrap right here and I am going to cut me a 1 ½ inch strip here. And I’m going to use the mat as the ruler in the, my little, my favorite little tool as my ruler. But you, you know, you guys probably want to use a regular ruler. I just happened to have this one right here. So I’m going to cut a five inch square for my hat, top hat. So here goes the five inch square. And again because this is all put together in rows, it, it’s really super easy.


So the next thing, the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to take your piece like this, you’re going to take your 1 ½ inch strip like this, and you’re going to sew it on here to the top of this. And this is going to make the brim of the hat . So let’s, let me just go ahead and trim this off and sew that down. So now we’re going to put the hat on. So this five inch square right here is going to be the middle. That’s going to be his, his hat. This is his top hat right here. And it’s going to be the hat for both snowmen. So then we need two squares for the other side. And those are also five inch squares. So they’re, you know, it’s all the, we don’t have a whole a bunch of different measurements on this. We just have our five inch squares. So let me go ahead and cut this out, cut a five inch piece off of here because I’m going to need two of them. And five inches here. One, two, wait a minute, one, two, three, four, five right here. So this is going to be our, our row up here like this. And so we’re just going to go ahead and sew these three pieces together. So now we’ve sewn four half-hexigon rows together, our 1 ½ inch strip for the brim, three 5 inch squares for the top hat and then we start down the other side with another 1 ½ for the brim and then four more of these rows. And you just go ahead and add your eyes, your nose and you mouth. You’re going to iron those on just like this. And you’re going to machine applique around them. And in no time at all you will have a darling snowman table runner. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Half-Hexi Snowman from the MSQC.

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