Breast Cancer Ribbon Quilt Block


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  • Kerry

    I love the blue,grey, and green quilt in the background. What is the name of the pattern?

  • Jessica T

    Thank you for sending me the wall hanging pattern!! I made one, well its not quite finished, but I wanted to show you what I have. Mine is yellow to support the troops.

    • JackieMSQC

      That’s awesome, Jessica!! Are you going to use a yellow border as well?

    • Jessica T

      Thank you!! Yes I’m going to put a yellow border on it too. I will post a picture when I get it done.

      • JackieMSQC

        Great!!! Looking forward to seeing it!

      • Cindy

        Jessica hi do you still happen to have the pattern for the wall hanging for the ribbon? If you do can you send it to me at Thanks

  • Scgreen

    Jenny, would you send me the pattern for the breast cancer wall hanging too. Would love to make it for my sewing room to celebrate 12 years of survival. Thanks sor your great products and tutorials.

    • JackieMSQC

      Breast Cancer Ribbon Block.xlsx Scgreen- that’s WONDERFUL!!!!! I have attached the link for the block.

      • Scgreen

        Thanks so much, but I can’t find it with the info below, “Breast Cancer Ribbon Block.xlsx.” Is it on the Internet or your website? Sorry to be so much trouble. 🙂

        • JackieMSQC

          I’m so sorry! If you email me at, I will email you the full pattern for this block. And it’s no trouble at all!

          • Skcgreen

            Done! Many thanks.

  • Paula Logan

    I am a beginner quilter and would love to try and make a quilt for my Mother. We just found out yesterday that she has breast cancer. Would you please email me the pattern?

  • Michelle Collings

    Hi jenny could you pse send me the pattern for the breast cancer block. Love your tutorials.

    • MSQC Jackie

      Hi Michelle- If you email me at, I will email you the full pattern for this block.

  • Val

    Hi Jenny I have never done any quilting before,a very close friend of mine is going through treatment at the moment,and we are holding a charity ball in aid of breast cancer,I would love to make one of your quilts and hopefully be able to auction it,could you please send me the breast cancer bloke,

  • Love it! My mom is a 10+ year survivor of breast cancer! I’m hoping to do the 3-day BC walk and would love to make a quilt like this to raise funds. Please look for my email for the pattern!

  • Carol

    Jenny could you send me the pattern for the wall hanging. I am doing the relay for life walk and would like to make some to raffle off.

    Thank you so much

  • SANDRA31650


  • Cindy Ogg

    Jenny I need the wall hanging pattern for the breast cancer ribbon. Thanks

  • mae

    can I get the pattern for the wall hanging size block?

    Many Thanks

  • Becky

    when you make the 1/2 square triangles how do you know how big to make your block to get the size you need

  • Grace Seiler

    I think this is a great project! I am a fairly new at sewing but wanted to make a ribbon for autism awareness in honor of my son. I did the same pattern just with Puzzle fabric on a black back ground and I also did a green on for Cerebral Palsy. Thank you so much!

    • JenniferMSQC

      Grace, this is such a great project! Thank you so much for sharing! Keep at the sewing!

    • Darla

      Jenny could you please email me the pattern for the breast cancer ribbon block – my email is – thank you very much, Darla

  • April P.

    Hello. Can you please email me the pattern for the wall hanging. Would love to give this quilt to cousin of mine. Thank you. Love your work.


    Could I have the breast cancer ribbon pattern, please. Want to make one for my sister. Thank you so much

  • Mary M.

    Hi Jenny, would you please send the breast cancer ribbon block to me. I would love to make this for my sister, she is a breast cancer survivor. my email address is: Thank you, Mary

  • Amy

    Jenny I had a friend ask for this type of quilt can you email your wall hanging pattern I just love it. Thanks